xenography (n.) - the unexplainable ability to write in a language one has never learned

Few people, if not but two people, understand what lies beneath. Myself not included. This is the me that appears every once in a while on a Facebook note when I can't fall asleep. The deeply emotional person who has been bursting between the cracks of the comedic facade I've spent so long solidifying. This is a language I am not yet well-versed in. I speak in metaphors and hyperbole, sprinkled with both vagueness and ambiguity. I am a poet who hides behind prose. Don't be ashamed if you cannot translate. I'm not just confusing; I am confused. And if you ask me the meaning, I might tell you what I meant, but sometimes, I don't even know myself.

And yet the words come out with more clarity on paper than any utterance of my mouth could convey.